Reindeer and the Roadmaster


This past weekend we made our annual trip to get the family Christmas tree, and as tradition mandates, we went to the Dzen tree farm in South Windsor.  Kara and I first went there in 2001 and with the exception of last year when one of the kids was under the weather and the weather itself was nasty, we’ve been chopping down trees there for 15 years.


Our old woody wagon may be gone, but the Clark Griswold inspired aboretum adventure continues.


This year we brought along some friends who made their inaugural trek to the land of the trees and Connecticut reindeer.


Yes, reindeer. Owner John Dzen entertains the youngsters with stories of Santa Claus, and why the reindeer are on his farm. Then then we scope out the farm for the perfect tree, cut it down, and tie it to the roof of the Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon.


Read more about this station wagon here:

The reindeer were recently featured on Better Connecticut.  Watch that here:



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  1. Memories and traditions, is what family is all about!!!! Too bad every child wasn’t as lucky! We were 5 kids, all with D names, known as the 5 “Ds”, but no matter what we always did family traditions for every holiday, and though we were not rich, we were blessed!!!


  2. It is always wonderful to hear about your family “traditions”! We had similar family traditions when our girls were growing up – going to the Vermont summer/permanent home of parents on Thanksgiving where we trudged through lovely (often snow covered) wild woods to find “just the right” tree for many years!! After the farm was sold we took our, then young, grandchildren (now 32 & 28) to a friend’s tree farm in Glastonbury. It was such fun to go up and down the rows of trees to find the right one! Family traditions bring wonderful memories now that we are in our 80’s.


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