Face the State Flashback: Hurricane Gloria


30 years ago this weekend, Connecticut was slammed by a powerful storm, Hurricane Gloria.   Roughly a million people in our state were without power, and damage was in the millions.

This week in our Face the State flashback, we have some clips from Eyewitness News on September 27, 1985.  Recognize these Channel 3 folks?


It’s remarkable to see how the basic core of television news has stayed the same (there is still no better way to cover a storm than to have reporters in it) but the graphics and technology have soared to new levels we never could have imagined in 1985.   That ancient television set is probably in a landfill, Marlene Schneider’s  vest in a vintage clothing shop, but what about that backdrop of the Hartford skyline?   The answer is right here:  https://dennishouse.tv/2012/02/09/new-use-for-old-wfsb-studio-prop/

L-R top Brian Garnett, Hikton Kaderli

Bottom: Marlene Schneider, Don Lark

watch the flashback here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11871423/hurricane-gloria-hit-connecticut-30-years-ago

Thanks for watching.

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