We Made it on a Museum Wall


Kara and I sold some art over the summer….art we actually painted ourselves.  Seriously.    It was for a super fun charity event called “Wet Paint.” a fundraiser for the Newport Art Museum.   Some friends hooked us onto it last summer and our family did it again.

It’s simple.  You donate your artwork to the museum and it then hangs on the walls and goes up for auction.  There is an unwritten suggestion that you bid on your own work to guarantee that everything sells, and that’s how the museum makes money, unless of course someone likes your work of art and bids on it.

There are some amazing works of art by some very talented artists up for grabs, and this year the top seller went for nearly five grand!   In total, the museum raised more than $125,000 thanks to the generosity of some 400 artists.

Wet Paint is also a great way to get kids involved in art.  Our son and daughter submitted entries and beamed with pride as dozens of people strolled through the museum checking out the offerings and penciling in bids.

Kara and I bought our children’s canvas creations, but in a stunning development, our pieces sold!   Kara’s “Blue Moon Mermaid” went for $70 and my “Sunset Shark Sighting” sold for $60, with all proceeds going to the Newport Art Museum.   The bidding apparently went up after I took these pictures.

Anyone agree with me that the Wadsworth Atheneum should try this?


Here are some other things I’ve painted:

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