Going Green with Connecticut Trees


Fences make good neighbors, so the saying goes.   When our neighbors discussed with Kara and me what to do after some trimming opened up our yards to one another, we talked about putting up a fences or a natural screen.

We decided to go with arborvitae for privacy and turned to a Connecticut company to do the job.   Connecticut Tree Sales http://www.cttrees.com in the northeastern corner of our state installed a row of these evergreens in a rainstorm, no less.  The crew showed up with a truck load of bushes in steady torrential downpours.  The men dug holes and planted the arborvitae with nary a complaint about the inclement weather.  Best of all, my neighbor and I found the prices to be very reasonable.

Those trees in the picture?  They’ll get to be about 15 feet high and will grow together to achieve exactly what we wanted: a fence, only a natural one.

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