Hartford Hospital CEO: State Budget Not Good for Patients


Hartford Healthcare CEO Elliot Joseph recently had a meeting with the CEO of the State of Connecticut, Governor Dannel Malloy.  It did not end well.   “He listened and expressed concern but nothing was resolved,”  Joseph told me during a taping of Face the State that aired Sunday on Face the State.


Joseph met with Malloy to try to dissuade him from going forward with the state budget, which Joseph warned would negatively impact hospitals across the state.  The week after the controversial budget was passed, Hartford Healthcare announced a reduction of some 400 jobs across the state.  Referring to the budget, Joseph told me “this is going to transform how we deliver healthcare.”

The new budget comes just a few years after the state decided to spend millions to expand the UConn Health Center in Farmington, just ten miles from Hartford Hospital and St. Francis.  That will also hurt Hartford Hospital, according to Joseph because there is no demand for more hospital beds in Metro Hartford. “It’s hard to justify (the UConn investment) it’s an old model.”   Is Dempsey Hospital and the UConn Health Center a waste of taxpayer money?  I put that question to Joseph.

We covered a lot of ground in the interview, including the role of Hartford Hospital in the economy ($900M a year) to future investment to the salaries hospital executives earn.


You can watch the interview that aired Sunday morning right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/11612571/healthcare-ceo-talks-about-job-cuts

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  1. Maybe The CEOs of these hospitals should give back some of their salaries. Windham hospital is expected to “lay off” 119 positions and Backus 23 positions. We all know that the term “lay off” is incorrect because these people will NOT get their jobs back. Mr. Joseph, Mr. Whitehead, and all the other upper management workers at Hartford HealthCare (and Hartford HealthCare has a LOT)….. why don’t you guys give back one percent. Oh wait, you guys can’t do that because it would hurt your income! GREEDY people.


  2. I’m seeing a lot of changes in quality of care since WCMH has turned to Hartford Healthcare. Very disappointed in the new system. I my family will find health care elsewhere. You walk into this hospital and people know your name. Layoffs in our community will hurt the community desp er ately. And screw the budget. Sorry such a poor excuse. It’s about greed at the top. They can get rid of these committed people who work there butt off every hour of everyday to save money. It’s that simple. This is sad!


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