Famous people from Connecticut

Governor Carlson?


How’s that for a provocative headline?   Our guest this past Sunday on Face the State might some day run for office and one option is that big corner suite with the fireplace in the Connecticut State Capitol.   More on that in a moment.

Gretchen Carlson is a longtime anchor on Fox News and currently hosts the “Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.”  She became a national name long before that, when as Miss Minnesota,  she was crowned Miss America 1989.

Carlson now lives in Connecticut and I invited her to come on Face the State to talk politics, the news business, and her love of our state, all of which she wrote about in her new book, “Getting Real.”


Carlson seems to have it all: brains, beauty, a great family and a great job.  During our chat we learned there were plenty of setbacks along the way.  She was fired, told she couldn’t have children, and later discovered her child had a serious health problem.   It’s a pretty remarkable story that the book goes into tremendous detail about with candor.   I was hooked.


Carlson and I also talked about Newtown, and the impact the massacre had on her family, who doesn’t live too far away.   Oh, and the political thing?  Carlson loves politics and admits there could be a candidacy someday down the road.

With Tom Foley hinting at a third run and Joe Scarborough being talked about as a candidate, and now possibly Carlson, could you imagine  the race for governor of Connecticut in 2018 if they all ran?  A reporter’s  dream.  Carlson identifies as an independent, by the way.

Watch the entire interview with Gretchen Carlson right here:



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  1. id vote for any candidate, and did, other than Malloy. Foley’s campaign had a lousy message that didn’t reach the majority. I like Gretchen and think she’s a smart woman who could do well… But then again, a ten yr old could do better than Malloy. Besides, ten yr olds tell the truth more than Malloy ever has.


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