Dermatologist Presents Gift to Hillary Clinton


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came to a fundraiser near Yale University this month and left New Haven with 50 to 60 checks for $2700, and a goody bag of premium anti-aging products. Dermatologist Nicholas Perricone of Branford, nationally renowned for his books and television appearances on ways to look younger, arrived at the fundraiser with two large gift bags, one for Clinton, the other for event host Judith Resnick, a professor at Yale Law School, Clinton’s alma mater.

Channel 3 political reporter Susan Raff asked Dr. Perricone about the gifts he came bearing. “She’s going to be president for 8 years, and we want Madame President to look good.”  I suppose there are some who could see the gift as an insult.  Clinton’s response could have been “what are you trying to tell me?”


That was the only soundbite Raff was able to get. Clinton avoided reporters during this first appearance in Connecticut during the presidential campaign, by entering through a back door. Intrepid reporter Mary O’Leary of the New Haven Register was able to snap this picture.

IMG_9093Also watch Governor Malloy endorse Clinton:  https://dennishouse.tv/2015/06/07/governor-malloy-endorses-hillary-clinton/

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  1. Bravo Perricone for Capitalizing on Clinton and the PR/sales it may bring. You’re in business and that’s what you should do. However, in light of that, we’ll hold out that it was really a concern to help her be more palatable to the viewing audience and not as an endorsement of what she hasnt done for improving the country so far. If she believes in helping women.. and knows that feeling better about one’s appearance provides improved confidence, happiness and all that goes with it.. imagine if she actually now gave that product to a mom, a single person trying to better themselves, a mid-life career changer etc rather than scoffing it up for herself since she both could buy it on her own and could improve the life of an American.. Oh wait, that’s not really her agenda anyway, is it.


  2. Please don’t try to elevate this woman. She has NO credibility with her many past fiascos, and her “sneaking around” so-called campaigning. If she had nothing to hide or no guilty conscience, she be up there pounding podiums instead. But then maybe its a good thing she keep a low profile. She stands a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidency as the country has had it with the liberal Democrats.
    We need a God- fearing person in the WH instead of Satan himself! Please be fair with the news and leave the veiled opinions out.


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