Growing Up

Remembering First Communion


In  honor of my daughter and nephew receiving their First Holy Communion this month, I thought I’d break out the photo album.  Here’s a look at my rite of passage in the Catholic Church, when  I received the sacrament at St. Catherine’s in Norwood along with my neighbor Rozalyn Dima.


image communion6 image image

The reason we are not smiling in this family picture was my grandmother.  She used to take forever to focus the camera and set the flash, and that might have been her 10th attempt to frame us correctly.

By the way, St. Catherine’s is the church where my mom also received her First Communion and other sacraments.  My parents were married there, my brother and I were baptized there, and the funeral masses of my grandparents and great-grandparents were also held there.   Here’s my mom’s confirmation.

maconfirmation maconfirmation2

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