Lines, Licenses and the Look


The state’s controversial plan to give driver’s licenses to undocumented residents is now in full swing. So how is it going? We got some answers this weekend from the new commissioner of the DMV, Andres Ayala.

The former state senator just recently took over the department, and came in this week for a taping of Face the State set to air Sunday. He talked about reducing the wait lines at the DMV, the license issue, and license plates.

People are funny about their plates. Some want vanity plates, low digit plates, and some folks still use their royal blue plates from the 80s and 90s, the latter of which is illegal, by the way.


I asked Commissioner Ayala if our current plates are due for a change, and we talked about Connecticut ranks near the bottom in some silly polls about which state has the best looking plates. Utah, shown here with the commissioner and me, always ranks high as one of the most attractive. Bottom line: there are no plans to change our plates.

Also, what about those controversial low digit plates traditionally given out by governors? Ayala told me they are under lock and key.

You can watch the entire interview with Commissioner Ayala right here:

Speaking of silly polls, take ours. Which Connecticut plate do you like better, the current one, or its predecessor?


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  1. My three girls are getting there driving licenses and they have to wait weeks just to take the test,then pay 85.00 dollars each. The undocumented who should have to become US citizens first before getting all the free stuff from the government its all about votes for the democracts. Is free collage next if your not a US citizen.


    • John…I think anyone who lives here should get first preference they should not allow illegals to cut in line. Ayala should resign and is he qualified to run DMV just because he was a State Senator. Let them apply for legal citizenship then allow them to get their license.I am so tired of double standards in CT and USA. But looks who is minding the store….enough said.


    • You said “Is free collage next if your not a US citizen.” and “are getting there driving licenses.” There (or is that “their” or “they’re?”) are a few other blatant FAILS in your gobbledygook but these two are the worst. Obviously English isn’t your (or is that “you’re?”) first language either so before you start throwing rocks at illegal aliens, you need to get your act together..


    • That is very racist they have the right to get their licenses they help our community by doing the job the most so call america donot want to do, sitting at home waitting for goverment checks, an those u call illegal imigrants be out in all type of weathet looking for work to bring food on the table yes they should get the drivers license. We all imigrant because our great parents, imigrate from other countries just because some of us r ligther them other or darker them other we all human Remember history Indias where here first and white took their lands… I m Puerto Rican and Proud of my inherent.


  2. The former plates were made so much better. As far as illegal immigrants getting a Ct drivers license, it just shouldn’t happen. This state is becoming more ridiculous under the direction of Malloy.


  3. I have a few comments This Commissioner should not be appointed DMV Commissioner another Malloy enabler. Lets get the term accurate they are here illegally lets stop sugar coating that fact. I think every last Democratic or Republican Legislator who supports this nonsense should resign and especially Looney, Duff and Sharkey. DMV and the State need to stop catering to certain folks treat everyone the same or lets just close down DMV and let Connecticut roads be a demolition derby. I also bet these illegals will get breaks while the rest of pay higher fines if pulled over and higher fees for DMV services.




    • It’s not about being discriminated against anyone…let me explain it in a way you may be able to understand a little clearer “undocumented = ILLEGALLY HERE!” I find it appalling that they will be able to obtain a drivers license, and that it is accepted as a valid form of identification while someone who has a pistol permit which is also issued from the state, has a photo on it, in which the recipient has to go through a FEDERAL background check isn’t recognized by a lot of establishments = Epic fail Connecticut! It isn’t like they are going to get insurance, so combine the fact that there will be more drivers on the road without insurance, will only drive up everyone’s premiums…thank your Democratic legislators!


  5. Why should there be different rules for these people? They should have to have the same rules the rest of us do. Legal aliens have to go by the book.


  6. I want to know where you guys got information stating that they are getting off the hook or they are paying less undocumented illegal doesn’t automatically mean that they came here illegally there’s different situations you’re considered to be an illegal alien even if you come here with a passport I just want to know where people are getting these ridiculous claims that they’re getting a break on their drivers licenses they have to pass a federal background check they have to pass a background in the DMV background they have to wait they don’t get special treatment and it cost more to get their license then it costed me to get my CDLI wonder why when one person makes up information it gets funneled through and everybody just believe that before doing the research


  7. I think they should be able to get drivers licenses. GeographicBoarders are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Allowing people to participate in the economy regardless of their status (Unless there’re a violent criminal is better for everyone. You can’t hold another person down with out staying down with them.


  8. CT plates typically have 3 numbers and 3 letters as depicted above. But I’m seeing more and more plates that are just a jumble of letters and numbers. Why did they change the numbering system? Were they running out of conventional plate numbers?


    • Once they got to 999-ZZZ they went to a 1AA-AA1 format sometime in the middle of 2013. It really isn’t that hard to figure out Jon.


  9. those illegal people are working harder than any american who only sell drugs. they could bring more money to the state if the get a chance than us american together. stop putting immigrants down.


  10. Doesn’t anyone have a spell checker? I’ve given up expecting people that I meet to have more than a 3rd grade education, whether they are here illegally or not. But, when you’re typing something on your computer or mobile application, there are a lot of free spelling (and grammar) checkers available. Use them. Otherwise, your credibility circles the drain quickly when you can’t put together a simple sentence.


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