Finch on Ganim: I Don’t Want to go Backwards


The mayor of Connecticut’s largest city is seeking a third term, and when asked, he effortlessly rattles off a list of things he believes shows Bridgeport is a better place than we he first took office. Mayor Bill Finch was our guest this Sunday on Face the State, and during our taping we talked about development in Bridgeport, Governor Malloy, guns, crime, transportation and his re-election.


There is a buzz in Bridgeport these days that former mayor Joe Ganim may try to resurrect his political career by running for his old job. He’s been out of prison since 2010 after being convicted in a corruption scandal. I asked Mayor Finch about a Ganim candidacy.

I hope a lot of people run because I believe this is the greatest job in America…….but I don’t want to go backwards.”

Finch also told me a convicted felon with a corruption conviction shouldn’t be allowed to run, and “we shouldn’t be paying retirement for the rest of their lives. The poor people in Bridgeport who pay taxes pay for that and it is not fair.”


You can watch the entire interview with Mayor Bill Finch right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=11041330

Also on the program, Mike Rell and Michael Mandell. Read about them here: https://dennishouse.tv/2015/01/15/rell-mandell-analysis-from-the-michaels/ DMV Commissioner Andres Ayala is also on the program. https://dennishouse.tv/2015/01/16/lines-licenses-and-the-look/

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  1. Not every type of felony conviction should bar someone from a certain job, once again, the need to treat each case individually is sadly lacking from Americans decision making process. In this case, NO,we should not allow someone back into a field of work he has already grossly abused. I’m all for Ganim having gainful employment, but not in this job!


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