Dad, What Happened to the Hartford Whalers?


Kara and I brought the kids to the UConn CCSU game on Sunday and they marveled at the place that to them is home to Disney on Ice and the circus.   My almost 8 year old daughter eyed a familiar blue and green logo hanging from  the rafters and asked, “Dad, what happened to the Hartford Whalers?”


The logo is familiar to my children because I’ve noticed several of their classmates wear Hartford Whalers gear to school, and of course, we have a few things in our house, too, like Christmas ornaments, a mug, pennants, and a few other trinkets I could probably get decent bucks for on Ebay.


I told my girl I hope they come back. In the meantime, let’s at least bring the Whalers Hall of Fame out of storage.


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  1. The whalers will always be a good memory, they will even be more of a memory after this summer, with the AHL moving a handful of teams from the northeast out to California and the NHL trying to balance the west division, expansion is coming to NHL to get to 32 teams but it will all be on the west coast.


  2. Happy New Year to the House family!.Fond memories exist of the Whalers and my
    thoughts go out to Gordy Howe.


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