Checkers, Christmas and Cousins

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  1. It’s great country in northern New Hampshire. We really enjoy it in the summer when we are camping.

    Kara, we hope to be at Better sometime soon.


  2. Great photos! I didn’t realize you lived in March Vegas. I went to St. Anselm in the late 90’s and miss it up there. We took our little ones to Storyland in North Conway this summer- so much fun stuff up there, though we don’t have a cool station wagon to travel in 😄


  3. Mount Washington is also awesome in the summer, so many little swimming holes tucked in the woods, great moose sightings too! We loved it, happy new year,so many fun places in New England


  4. You have to take the kids to Story Land in the summer, you’ll keep going back each year until they are to big. Visit Kezar Lake in Maine as well, only about 23 mikes northeast of N Conway. Then go to the Fryeburg Fair in the fall.


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