How to Own a Police Cruiser


I spotted this cool find on Craigslist, a Bridgeport Police cruiser from 1964. It’s a Buick Special and appears to be in pretty good shape.


The ad reads: Original unrestored 1964 Buick Special blue and white Bridgeport PD Police Cruiser. This is no replica. This is the real deal. The car came from Bridgeport PD and I have proper bills of sales to show it. The car still has the working light, spotlight, siren, and police radio. The car has minor exterior rust but the frame and floors have zero rot. The car runs and drives. the interior is in great shape with no rips. This is an excellent piece of history


I tend to be a little partial to old Buicks, I have a 1965 Electra, that’s also on the market being sold by Wayne Carini of the show “Chasing Classic Cars.”   Here’s Wayne’s ad for the Electra:


Here’s the link to the ad for the police car:

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