Weicker: Don’t Fly the Flag Every Day


Former Governor and former U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker continues to make headlines, even as he enjoys life from the political sidelines at age 83. Forty years ago this summer, he was becoming a household name thanks to Watergate, and today he has the caught the ire of some for saying the flag shouldn’t be flown every day.

Nearly forty American flags were flying in the village of Old Lyme, Connecticut and then were taken down. They went back up this week after some folks complained, but a few want them removed again. One of those calling for the de-flagging? Lowell Weicker.

“Frankly when they fly the flags up and down the street, every day, all week, it looks like a used car lot. That’s not what the flag is about.”


Watch the story at the link below and see what else Mr. Weicker has to say and let me know what you think.


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