The Fight for # 2


We are two weeks away from the state party conventions, when the Democrats and Republicans will leave Hartford and Uncasville, respectively, with a slate of endorsed candidates. For Democrats, we know who will be running, but the GOP has a half dozen candidates for governor and three for lieutenant governor. Penny Bacchiochi and Dave Walker have appeared on Face the State, and this weekend, you’ll meet Heather Somers.


Somers is the former mayor of Groton tapped by Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton to be his running mate. Funny thing about the Connecticut political system, they might be running together now, but might not be down the road. They will appear on primary ballots seperately, and might be paired with someone else. That’s what happened to Boughton in 2010. He won the primary for LG, his running mate Mike Fedele did not. Boughton became Tom Foley’s running mate.

That’s why Somers was measured when she tried to draw distinctions between Boughton and the other candidates for governor, but she stressed her strengths and what she called the weaknesses of the current governor.

You can watch the entire interview this Sunday at 11AM on Face the State on WFSB.

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  1. Does the governor really think he has a long political life in Ct.? I’m not sure about that one!!!!!


  2. I want to see a change, Governor Malloy tells the citizens of CT that we would see a tax refund of $55.00 and then in the next breath says No.
    This is not the first time he has made promises to the citizens and then changed his mind, we need a governor that are for the people of CT. No one that makes empty promises.


  3. I believe Malloy and Nancy Wyman will run again and win.Nancy is a great lady and he he done a lot for ct.


  4. Mr.Malloy during his first campaign made all these promises for job creation and no tax hikes and as we all have seen it was quite the opposite .Once again he is starting his same old empty promises to further his own job security and CT needs to wake up .Being unemployed since 2011 only finding extreme part time jobs making min. wage as I watch numerous company’s packing up an. d leaving my home state making it even harder to obtain more gainful employment as the job market is flooded with more people . I would rather see Heather Somers take the reins as she did a fine job here in my town of Groton . Mr. Malloy should go back doing what he knows best by owning a half assed company that he can lay off those who he chooses Somers deserves better than aligning herself with one of the worst Governors this state has ever seen seen since the state implemented a state withholding tax . If Somers was smart and wished to do what is best for Connecticut she would put off running with Malloy .She is better than that and this state deserves better !!!!!!


  5. these people are very nice but are they good for the middle class? people are very concerned and we can’t afford another 4 years of cutbacks and tax hikes


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