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That Time I Almost Met Paul McCartney


I’m a little on the young side to remember the Beatles. They were broken up by the time I started taking guitar lessons in the 1st grade, but my parents had Beatles albums and of course their music was still played everywhere. Their influence on me and other child musicians was no doubt profound, but I can’t really say I was a huge fan.


After watching the CBS special celebrating the Beatles’ 50th anniversary of their arrival in New York, I have a new appreciation for the Fab Four. The film of the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater in 1964 going nuts over John, Paul, George and Ringo is something we just don’t see today. I watched part of the special with my kids, who learned about the Beatles for the first time through people they relate to: Adam Levine, Katy Perry and others who performed Beatles hits in the special. I discovered a few new things about the Beatles while watching the special, like how they got their name and the significance of it.


I almost met a Beatle. Back in 2008, Kara and I were on a vacation with her family in Jamaica when word spread on the beach that Paul McCartney was there. Sure enough, someone pointed him out on a sailboat just a few yards from shore. I played paparazzi for a moment and took an obligatory snapshot, and left it at that. Sir Paul deserved his privacy.

Kara and I with our young daughter in tow went back to our room for a while, and a few hours later were met by Kara’s stepmother, who was breathless with excitement. It turns out Paul McCartney had set up camp on a chaise lounge right next to where we had been sitting, and my in-laws and one of the most famous performers in the world struck up a conversation. I guess timing is everything.

You can watch the entire Beatles special again tonight on WFSB Channel 3 at 8:30 PM. I highly recommend it. Also, share your Beatles stories below.

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