FTS Flashback: Governor Weicker Won’t Seek Re-election


Some thought Senator Lowell Weicker was out of politics after he was defeated by state Attorney General Joe Lieberman in 1988. Two years later Weicker launched a political comeback, being elected governor as an independent candidate.

A year later, the bloom was off the rose, as Weicker’s popularity took a big hit after he signed the income tax into law. When discussion turned to the 1994 gubernatorial race, the big question was whether Governor Weicker would run for re-election.


In this week’s Face the State flashback, you’ll see a report from our archives from September 30, 1993, when the maverick politician ended months of speculation and debate and announced he would not seek a second term.

Tune in this Sunday to watch the 20 year old report, filed by Duby McDowell.

Also watch this other flashback of Lowell Weicker’s action-packed first year as governor:

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