Our Tin & Aluminum Anniversary


Kara Sundlun and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary today! Hard to believe a decade has passed since that awesome day that featured 90+ degree weather (probably 100 in St. Augustin’s church in Newport) and some ridiculous humidity. My groomsmen and I made the mistake of walking the few blocks to the church and were drenched by the time we got there. Here are some pictures from our wedding album.

By the way, they say tin and aluminum are the gifts for a tenth anniversary, silver of course is for 25 and 50 is gold. Tin? Seriously? Are there such things as tin earrings!?!?






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  1. Kara looks like a Dresden Doll and you don’t look so shabby either. What a beautiful couple!


  2. So happy for the both of you, may you be blessed many times over with love you both experienced that day, and may your cabinets always be filled with aluminum foil !!!!


  3. Congratulations to a very nice couple….Love the pictures….I have one question….why does Kara go by her maiden name for the channel 3 world? Just wondering….:)


  4. CONGRATULATIONS, on your tenth wedding anniversary. My you have many more happy years together. Thanks too, for sharing the wedding pictures. They are just beautiful!


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