McKinney: I Won’t Attack Fellow Republicans


Connecticut Republicans narrowly lost the race for governor in 2010 after a contentious primary between former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley and then Lt. Governor Michael Fedele. The two attacked each other in a barrage of negative advertising, and Fedele’s commercials later became talking points for Democrats in the general election. Would a unified party have led to a different outcome in November?


We’ll never know, but State Senator John McKinney doesn’t seems to want to see a repeat of the ’10 GOP gubernatorial battle. During a taping of Face the State set to air Sunday, the senate minority leader told me he would not criticize his fellow Republican candidates for governor, and instead is focused on Governor Malloy.

Malloy has faced all sorts of challenges as governor from a massive budget deficit, to historic storms to a massacre. I asked McKinney why he would even want such a job. We also talked about the urban dilemma Republicans are now saddled with: they are losing in the cities and since Governor Malloy took office the mayor’s offices in Waterbury, New Britain and Middletown have all flipped from R to D. And in a page out of the Detroit playbook, Hartford Republicans didn’t even field a candidate for mayor in 2011.

We also have analysis on McKinney’s candidacy and the race from Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror and Johanna Somers of the Day of New London.



You can watch the entire interview with Senator McKinney, right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9140737

Analysis: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9140737



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  1. Right now there are 3 lawsuits pending against the State of Connecticut because of the poor judgement of our legislators. Each took an oath when elected to abide by the Constitution, both state and federal. If the Plaintiffs win, I thing all those who voted for the bill should step down for not performing their duties under the law.


    • With Patriots’ luck, the lawsuit will be withdrawn in January, 2015, when DECENT legislators replace the miscreants, and a new governor proudly strikes his pen to the page of the law repealing McKinney’s disgrace. Then we wish to see 20 years of horrible legislation erased from the statutes before one new law is enacted. Bring sanity back to Connecticut and the sane people will return.


  2. He won’t attack Republicans, but he will attack law abiding citizens who spent years of there lives defending the rights and freedoms of Americans, for the act of one, insane criminal. Goodbye Connecticut, and hello Texas! Semper Fi!


  3. We are tired of RINO’s like McKinney. Just because he has an “R” after his name, does not mean that he acts in the interests of the vast majority of Republicans in this state. I will not vote for ANY candidate who attempts to abridge my God-given Constitutional rights.


  4. Sen. McKinney appears as arrogant as a certain POTUS. He doesn’t seem to realize how most Republican, many Independents, and a certain number of Democrat voters are insanely p***** off at his unnecessary sell out on the 2nd Amendment. There are certainly (thanks to a lowly-informed voter base) enough Democrats in power in the GA to have passed gun control legislation without lending his support (oath breaking) to it. He did so to appease his Newtown constituents. We’ll never know if he did so against any sense of personal principle on the inalienable rights. He’ll never admit it…..ask the man, if you can catch him.


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