A Connecticut Showroom Like No Other


I had the great pleasure of meeting Wayne Carini, the star of “Chasing Classic Cars” on the Velocity Channel, about to enter its seventh season. I brought my ’65 Buick Electra to Wayne’s shop in Portland to get his take on my classic.


I’ve always had a thing for cars (here I am about the age of 3) and so a trip to see Wayne’s toys was a big thrill.


F-40 Motorsports is an amazing showroom of rare and exotic cars. Check out this odd BMW Isetta, that you enter from the front by opening a door attached to the windshield.


This is a 1909 Schacht, made in Cincinnati. It was essentially a horseless carriage with an engine attached.


My favorite of Wayne’s collection is this 1953 Hudson Hornet. It was owned by an old lady named Hazel and Wayne had asked her to sell it for years. Here’s the story of the Hornet:


You can watch Wayne on the Velocity Channel, just check your local listings for times. Here is more information on “Chasing Classic Cars.” By the way, that is a 1952 Ford Country Squire in the top picture, that just sold for $85,000. Hang on to your station wagons. Read all about my adventures with my station wagon:

Check out this woody:

Watch Kevin Hogan’s report on Wayne:

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  1. So Mr. House – Is that a Deuce and a Quarter? !! It IS a very cool car! Maybe in the future Helena can be driven to the prom in that car or, driven to the church for her wedding! (sniff,sniff just thinking about it) Hope all is well. Say hi to everyone.


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