Where Are We? Pyongyang? Havana?


Kremlinesque. Big Brother. Nixonian. These are some of the terms people are using to describe recent moves by the federal government to keep a closer eye on what some reporters are doing. The Justice Department secretly took phone records from the Associated Press, including from the AP offices in Hartford, and a Fox News reporter had his records seized by the feds, and that was reportedly authorized by Attorney General Eric Holder. The revelations are deeply troubling to journalists across the country, and the readers and viewers who depend on them for information.


Here in Connecticut, we learned this week that lawmakers were crafting a secret bill aimed at preventing reporters and others from obtaining certain information regarding the Newtown investigation. What does this all mean, and how does it effect the rights of the press and ordinary citizens?


This Sunday on Face the State we are joined by two journalists: Quinnipiac University journalism professor Rich Hanley, and New Haven Register media reporter Joe Amarante.


The two found these new developments disturbing and agreed it might have a chilling effect on tipsters and reporters, but can anything be done about it? Both agreed someone needs to be fired in the AP case.

You can watch the entire discussion this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on WFSB Channel 3

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