Foley: “Absolutely No New Taxes”


There are no official candidates yet in the race for governor, but the state Democratic party is already focused on the man it apparently believes will be the Republican candidate, 2010 GOP nominee Tom Foley. The former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland has made no secret of his intention to seek a rematch with Governor Dannel Malloy, but he did not declare his candidacy during a taping of Face the State, that aired Sunday. Other potential candidates for governor include State Senators John McKinney and Toni Boucher, House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

Foley shared with me some details of internal polling he’s done on the 2014 race. In a nutshell, Foley said his findings show the governor to be vulnerable and beatable in 2014 because of joblessness and the economy. Foley went on to say he believes fixing the Connecticut economy is simple and suggested the governor is taking the wrong action.

“All you have to do is hold spending flat for two years, but he is raising spending by $778 million. Why? We don’t have the money.”

Foley talked about what will likely be a key argument during the upcoming campaign: taxes.

DH: “You have said you will not raise taxes if elected in 2014. Is that a promise you are prepared to make, ?”
TF: “Absolutely.”
DH: “Absolutely no new taxes?”
TF: “Absolutely.”

We also talked about Foley’s take on the gun control law recently passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Malloy. During that discussion, Foley said more needs to be done for mental illness and he revealed that mental illness has affected his family. He has cared for a sibling with mental illness for 30 years.

After the Foley interview we had a political roundtable discussion with CT News Junkie’s Christine Stuart, the new editor of Connecticut Magazine Matt DiRienzo of the Torrington Register Citizen, and WTIC AM 1080’s Jim Vicevich. Read more about Jim’s appearance right here: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/vociferous-vice-back-on-channel-3/

You can watch the Foley interview right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8797065

Analysis here: http://www.wfsb.com/category/213663/face-the-state

Watch our interview with Governor Malloy from February: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/malloy-to-hit-road-to-rally-support-for-budget-plan-mum-on-14-run/

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  1. No new taxes?
    I’ve heard that before.

    So long as the tax eaters outnumber the tax payers, taxes will always go up. The tax eaters are insatiable. They prove it on every election day.


  2. I’m still having trouble understanding why Tom Foley is a Very Serious Person. As a member of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, which was the governing body set up by an illegal occupying force, Foley has to answer to his potential war crimes. Foley’s job in the CPA was to privatize state owned industries, which is illegal under Hague Convention of 1897. The United States is a signatory to this treaty, thus it is law of the land. Foley must be interrogated about this. Journalism helps maintain the rule of law, yet when journalists give alleged war criminals airtime and a platform without holding them accountable for potential serious violations of international law, the fourth estate fails its purpose in a representative democracy. A first step is for Foley to open his papers and documents from his time in Iraq to public inspection. Until he takes even this minor step, he should not be taken seriously as a news and opinion maker.


  3. sounds like Foley is suffering from Mental Illness….Too fooled to believe that he can beat Malloy…Sorry, but go head and waste your money…they’ll have a ball with it….You are so not the man….you do not have the majority votes!


    • Are you one of the takers instead of makers, is that why you love Malloy, the mini-me Obama? There was fraud in the voting, specifically in Bridgeport. That’s why Malloy won, not any thing to do with his qualifications to be governor, just like obama was not, is not qualified to be president.


  4. All the people above must be State employees, when the state employees have no private sector folks to pay their salaries and pensions, what are you going to do then?


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