State Practicing "Buy American," Prius No Longer Being Added to Fleet


Your tax dollars are buying more American made vehicles. The State Department of Administrative Services, which buys cars for state agencies with the exception of state police, tells me it has made a made a conscious decision to fill the state fleet with American cars, rather than foreign ones.

Noticeably absent from state purchases from October 2010 to October 2012, is the Toyota Prius, once a common sight in the fleet.
According to DAS spokesman John McKay, his department didn’t buy a single Prius during that period and instead focused on domestic vehicles, including the Ford Focus. The Focus is manufactured in Wayne, Michigan outside Detroit; the Prius is made in Japan and shipped to the United States. The Focus is also several thousand dollars cheaper.

Somewhere Senator Chris Murphy is smiling. He first raised the “buy American” issue in 2010.

photo courtesy: Motor Trend

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