Brian K. Hill May Call it Quits

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Brian K. Hill may end his campaign Friday, unless there is a surge of support for a petition drive.  A campaign spokeswoman told me the Windsor attorney has not received the interest needed to launch a massive drive for signatures.  Hill would need more than 8,300 signatures by June 12th to qualify for the August primary.

The spokeswoman also told me Hill will likely hold off on an endorsement until after the primary, then work hard for the nominee.  Since the convention, both Linda McMahon and Chris Shays have reached out the former military JAG, according to the Hill campaign.    

Several Republicans have told me they regard Hill as a promising figure in the Connecticut GOP, and are already looking at him for other races in 2014.    Hill could run for one of the consitutional offices,  lieutenant governor, or for the 1st congressional district.     A move to Hartford could also give Republicans a viable candidate in the race for mayor in 2015.

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  1. June 12th is the petition deadline, not June 10th Dennis. No wonder Brian KHill can’t figure out how to get on the ballot, he can’t even get simple dates correct. And Dennis, you need to check facts and not simply not rely on wrong press releases from rookies like Brian KHill to steer you in the wrong direction.


  2. Brian Hill is superb. He has a bright, optimistic personality by nature and is exceptionally intelligent. He is genuinely engaging and friendly with everyone. He’s also a wonderful public speaker. If not for the star power of McMahon and Shays, he’d be receiving higher consideration for the US Senate race than he has and I hope knows that; I expect he does. I fully expect to see Brian Hill on the ballot for high office in the forseeable future and fully expect to be working on his behalf.


  3. Brian K. Hill lost a rare opportunity to make national news. (He voted for Obama) If he had announced a run against John Larson as a conservative Democrat he might have been taken seriously. Running as a traditional Democrat Hill offers ALL the unaffiliated voters a bona fide contender. He might get a third of Democrats AND Republicans. It’s too bad that good people like Brian believe they have to play the game by the old rules. We’re looking for new leaders who break the mold!.


  4. Brian K. Hill railed against Republicans and Democrats when he ran for the Senate as an unaffiliated candidate in 2010 only to register as a Republican after ending that campaign. His focus on winning over principle couldn’t be more apparent.


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