Larson Gets a Challenger in CT-1

1st District Congressman John Larson now has a challenger in his quest for an eighth term:   political newcomer John Decker, Republican of West Hartford.   The 45 year old  financial planner made the announcement during a taping of Face the State with Dennis House, set to air Sunday on WFSB Hartford.

Decker, who is also a board member of Business for Downtown Hartford, acknowledges his race is an uphill battle, but says this is the year the heavily Democratic district can turn Republican.   The last time the GOP won that seat was 1956, when Edwin May rode President Eisenhower’s re-election coattails to win an open seat vacated by Thomas Dodd, father of former Senator Chris Dodd.     May was voted out of office two years later.

Decker told me, despite the tilt to Democrats, voters in CT-1 are facing serious problems and want change.

“They are concerned about the deficit, the cost of living, oil, food, etc.  These are concerns that politicians who have been there for years and years and years are missing.”

During the taping, Decker pulled out a letter he received from Congressman Larson after President Obama’s inauguration.  In it, Larson wrote he would reduce the deficit created during the previous administration.    The deficit has since doubled, and Decker cited that as one of the reasons he is running.

Decker has consulted one of the highly regarded Republican leaders in the district, former U.S. Attorney Kevin O’Connor.  O’Connor lost to Larson in 1998, but raised the bar for the GOP it this oddly shaped district, that includes Hartford and several of its suburbs, along with towns in the Litchfield Hills.

Decker will kick off his campaign next week with an event planned for downtown.

UPDATE:  Here is the interview:  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6848614

Here is Decker’s Republican opponent: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/gop-candidate-wont-write-off-democratic-hartford/



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  1. It’s time for some new blood with a common sense approach to government. Mr. Decker will provide that approach.


  2. John Larson has lost his compass by hosting lavish parties for lobbyists in Napa Valley, CA and Washington, D.C. There are several wineries in his own district and Rentschler Field in his home town. Are we not good enough for high powered special interest donors?


  3. Larson is ready to scare seniors at every town hall or forum. The times are changing. If you like the job market in Hartford vote for Larson. If you like the quality of education in Hartford, vote for Larson. Just once in a lifetime voters should take a chance on a different choice. Connecticut should have a few Republicans in Congress. Try it, you might like it.


  4. Larson is the epitome of out-of-touch congressmen who have taken their ensconced tenure as a matter of faith, while they have abandoned their constituencies in favor of crony capitalism and populist programs that drain the treasury and thus indenture future generations.

    Time for Mr. Larson to be retired.


  5. The same GOP insiders that lose everything they touch, again, back-stabs a decent man that if helped would of become a real challenger to John Larson.
    But they weren’t of in control and making money from Mike McDonald, so lets make sure we produce someone that couldn’t connect with anyone outside of his country club and forget the poor people and working class of the 1st. District. This is a gross misconduct of the Healy-ites failing Connecticut again.


  6. WOW a breath of fresh air. John Decker good for you. If your car is broke, go to a mechanic. If your sick, go to a doctor. If the economy is in the tanks (like it is)go to a financial expert. It’s not rocket science folks. Out with Larson and in with some new blood. Politicians don’t solve problems they create them. Vote in a financial expert and let’s get the economy going again . If not for you……for your children…….So we can have a future. Larson has been in since 1999. He’s been living like a rock star for 13 years while we have been struggling. I’m ready for a change. Thank you.


  7. William – John called me today and we had a great conversation. You’ll like him as much as me, I promise. He’s a great guy – not what you perceived to be the case. All good Republican’s who want to run for office in CT should be given the same opportunity – this I know we agree on. Juliana


  8. John, I heard your interview on WTIC’s Church and State yesterday.
    As you’ve commented on air, we’re glad to see someone new running against Larson. And we do care that you are a CFP, and not an empty suit.
    I like your proposals to reduce the biggest burdens on businesses; among them being TAXES and regulations.
    Get in there and help repeal ObamaCare!


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