Lumaj: “McMahon Unelectable; Shays Too Liberal”

The two big names in the race for the GOP nomination for the senate seat held by Joe Lieberman are Linda McMahon and Chris Shays , but there are officially five candidates running.   This week on Face the State, we will meet Peter Lumaj, an attorney from Fairfield, who proudly calls himself a conservative Republican.

Lumaj emigrated from Albania as a young adult in search of the American dream.  During our taping, Lumaj talked about how he thinks a conservative can be elected in an increasingly blue state.   He labeled McMahon “unelectable,” and Shays “too liberal.”   He also commented on Democrats Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Murphy and William Tong.   The other two Republicans in the race are Brian K. Hill, and Kie Westby.   Lee Whitnum, Sylvester Salcedo, and Matt Oakes round out the Democrats’ field.

You can watch the entire interview with Peter Lumaj, this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

UPDATE:  Here is the interview that aired on Face the State Sunday February 12 2012


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    • I heard this guy speak at my RTC. He is great. He is a conservative and has a great story. He is the embodiment of the American dream. He came to US as a refugee, worked hard, educated himself, became a lawyer, and is living the American dream. Every liberal in our state should be required to listen to this guy’s story relating to socialism and unlimited government.
      I encourage everyone to check this guy out before you make your decision to vote for someone else.


  1. If one is concerned about too much government control and spending, I suggest that they seriously consider Lee Whitnum, who, like Ron Paul, will immediately end US wars and other support for Israel. Half of every dollar we give Congress to run our country with goes into the defense industry black hole, including hundreds of billions of dollars annually, spent defending Israel’s wars of aggression and undermining of surrounding states that challenge its illegal expansion onto its neighbor’s lands. US Congress is owned by various lobbies, including defense contractors and the Israeli lobby:


    Israel has cost us $3 Trillion dollars to date.


    This money could have been far better spent at home.
    Ron Paul know this. So does Lee Whitnum

    This is why Lee Whitnum has my vote for US Senate.


  2. “This money could have been far better spent at home.
    Ron Paul know this. So does Lee Whitnum”

    By whom? The Democrats. You’ve got to be kidding.
    Whitnum has a “slim” chance against Murph the serf!


  3. Joe wrote: “Every liberal in our state should be required to listen to this guy’s story relating to socialism and unlimited government.”

    Are you kidding. That would presuppose liberals CAN think!


  4. You got to be careful with the Peter Lumaj guy. I know someone who tells me that he he does not like immigrants, not like Muslim and I am a Muslim. Conservatives would hurt us like Bush. They will spy on us like Bush. This Lumaj guy say that we should not let Muslims come here anymore because they are terrorists. No more Muslims in this country? What is wrong with Lumaj? We need all peoples here, Muslims and Christians and even Jews. I live in Brooklyn but I move to Conncticut soon to vote against this guy he scares me and lots of my Muslim brothers. I pray by saying Ishalah he does not win!


  5. Who is this guy? He seems to be an interesting character, but too conservative for Connecticut. He would do well in the South, but not in New England. Anyway, I would rather vote for him than either Linda (The Porno Promoter) or Chris, the liberal. Linda thinks that because he has lots of money, we would vote for her. She is wrong. The voters of our great state do not like her. So I agree with this guy that she is not electable. As for as Chris, the republican party likes him, but they will not say it because they fear Linda and her money. Most party bosses , former and present, have been bought by Linda. But, still, voters, would not fall for it. Peace!


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