Behind the Scenes at CBS This Morning with Gayle King

It would be an understatement to say we are big fans of CBS This Morning.  That’s because one of us, a member of the Channel 3 family, is one of the hosts.  My former co-anchor Gayle King, who anchored here from 1981 to 1999, is part of a new team that took over mornings at the Tiffany Network nearly a month ago.    We all get a thrill when Gayle mentions her Connecticut roots, and shows off our Hartford cam.

Kara Sundlun got up long before the crack of down to trek to Manhattan to visit the set of CBS This Morning.    My wife reported on my former television wife!     Longtime Channel 3 viewers will remember Gayle regularly called me her “tv husband,” during the news.   It must have worked:  Gayle and I won an Emmy for best newscast in 1998.

In the report you’ll see below Kara got a tour of the new CBS studios and a peek inside Gayle’s office.   One of things that always endeared Gayle to viewers was her willingness to let them into all aspects of her life.    You’ll see Gayle as she sees herself first thing in the morning, without her makeup.   Also look for Eneida Bailey, Gayle’s devoted hairdresser,whose downtown Hartford beauty shop became the place to be coiffed after it was revealed whose tresses she was trimming. 

Gayle also talked to Kara about her children, who aren’t kids anymore.       Kara also showed a little clip from the archives of Gayle and her newborn son, William in the hospital, in April 1987.  

 It’s usually the second child who gets shafted in the picture department, but this time it is Gayle’s first born, Kirby.  The tape of Kirby’s television debut with her mom in the maternity ward is missing from our archives.  Sorry, Kirby, or as your mother lovingly referred to you..”Kirbycakes.”

You’ll also see Clinton’s very own Erica Hill, the pride of the Morgan School.    Erica’s mother is a loyal watcher of Better Connecticut, and we hope Face the State, too.    


Kara also spoke with with Charlie Rose, and Chris Licht, Vice-President of Programming of CBS News, and the mastermind of the newly revamped CBS This Morning.  Chris is also a Constitution Stater (I can’t stand saying nutmegger,) who grew up in Newtown.  He just wrote a book about his brush with death, and Kara will have that interview later in the month.

Here is Kara’s report that aired on Better Connecticut on WFSB on February 3, 2012


Also read about Gayle’s Channel 3 years: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/gayle-king-at-wfsb-the-hartford-years/

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  1. Scott, Kara, Gayle,Dennis ,Erica Are the best.
    I love watching them. Great entertainment.

    Charlie Rose does not fit in with all of them.bad move having him on.
    With the others.


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