Almost 20 Years at WFSB, How is that possible?

A viewer wrote to me “reminding” me that I started at WFSB in 1992, and that would mean I’ve been here at Channel 3 for 20 years!   Hold on…not yet.    I was a sophomore in  high school when I first walked into Broadcast House on August 31, 1992.   Lol.

 Stay tuned.  Through out this year until the anniversary arrives, with Denise’s help of course, we’ll bring you some of my memorable moments of the past two decades.

That picture above was from my first report on September 3, 1992.     The first few days I spent doing paperwork, learning the computer (yes, we had them back then) and finding the way to the bathroom. 

By the way, I still have that yellow raincoat.

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  1. Hey Dennis

    Congrats, 20 yrs in any market is amazing… truly you made it a home.

    I remember meeting you at the Hartford Post Office on Weston Street 3-4 weeks after you arrived — a shock — you walked up to me and said, “Hello my name is…”. So personable, I knew you’d be a hit.

    Friendship is what its all about, some of these newbies today haven’t figured it out – you weathered it out.

    Many more to you and Kara..

    John M West
    Southington CT


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