Winsley takes on Powerful DeLauro

The political road is littered with candidates who have taken on Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and lost.      The New Haven Democrat is now seeking a 12 term and this year’s GOP challenger is Wayne Winsley, and he promises this year will be different.

During a taping of Face the State, the Navy veteran launched his candidacy, talking  about his goals for the campaign and he acknowledged defeating Delauro  won’t be easy.      “It’s going to take a lot of money, dynamite and a backhoe to get her out of there,”  Winsley told me.

The author, commentator and broadcaster plans to attack DeLauro for her spending of taxpayer money as a Washington insider.   Winsley also will remind voters about DeLauro’s delay in returning from a vacation to Italy, while parts of the 3rd district suffered from the devastating impact of Hurricane Irene.    It’s an issue that dogged the usually teflon DeLauro and even made national news.

Democrats will focus on Winsley’s residency.  He just recently took residence in Naugatuck, but his family will continue to live at their home outside the 3rd district in New Milford.  If he wins, they will all move to the 3rd.   

Winsley elaborates on this and much more this Sunday morning on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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