Here Comes….Alfred

With a few days to go before Halloween we are getting ready for a winter storm!  Yikes.   Our team of meteorologists at WFSB has named this one Alfred. 

My favorite Alfred is Alfred E. Neuman, but the storm is not named after the MAD mascot.

Alfred, engineering wizard/butler for Batman?

No, and I intentionally used a picture of Alfred from the 1960’s television series rather than the one from the movies.

This first winter storm of the season is named after Alfred Hitchcock.

Tune in to Channel today and all weekend for the latest on Winter Storm Alfred.  For more on the history of why Channel 3 names storms, read this post from earlier this year:  http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/snow-storm-named-after-actor-denis-leary/

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  1. This is the only station that names winter storms. It is silly, a gimmick, and no one cares, uses, or remembers the names except for a handful of WFSB regular viewers.

    I think I’M going to name this one “Harold.”


    • I always name my storms
      Alfred Hitchcock fits this 1 for a fall October
      29, 2011 Rare Winterlike Storm
      for this
      “Snowloween Weekend” Debra Kay Levi


  2. hA – an Alfred Hitckcock Storm
    (perfect) name for Halloween weekend
    it was
    One > not even for the Birds as the lines & power are down & scattered across this State of CT- Alfred would send a a rare storm during fall
    As he is a legend in the master of Horror
    “Weather Horror that is ! Snowloween coming to a theater near you ” D.K.L.


  3. I watching you interview these clp reps and I appreciate the intense form of question and don’t appreciate the blunders of answers from clp and being west hartford resident I respect and appreciate the mayor here for trying to get some resolution and for giving us resident here some hope …


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