What’s Next for Occupy Hartford?

Thousands of people have driven by it and thousands more have seen them on the television news.  The Occupy Hartford movement seems to be at a crossroads.  The crowd of people camping on a vacant lot alongside Interstate 84, seems smaller as of late, and recent interviews with some of the protestors revealed the lack of a common message.     

This Sunday on Face the State, we are joined by Cassandra Donnelly, a spokesperson for Occupy Hartford.   Donnelly talks about the movement, the agenda, and where it goes from here.     She also expressed her disappointment that no members of the Connecticut congressional delegation have stopped by to show their solidarity. 

UPDATE:  Here is the interview that aired on Face the State http://www.wfsb.com/video?clipId=6379328&autostart=true

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  1. I said it from the beginning of OH — the media loves to assert there is a lack of message — this is just a tactic to confuse/obfuscate — the message is “Economic Justice & Solidarity with OWS.” It’s a loud & clear message that is resonating around the globe! As Susan Campbell wrote in a Courant editorial, “The reasons are OBVIOUS.”

    I just came from the Strategy Committee meeting at Turning Point Park — believe me, folks are more committed and more organized than ever!


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