Yikes! Another Bad Yearbook Picture

Yeah, it is high school reunion season.  This was yours truly many years (and pounds) ago.   I’d like to be able to tell you I got a better haircut after that, but I actually grew it longer.  #mulletswereinstylethen

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  1. Dennis, I just got back from my 35th High School Reunion. Some of the people didn’t change, others I had to ‘cheat’ and read their name tags to see who they were.
    There were the same people who were in the ‘cliques’ still as they were 35 years ago.I was happy seeing some of the people though.
    Would I do this again, hmmm good question, I’d hope I wouldn’t need my walker and tanks of oxygen since I really couldn’t get around the room with the way it was set up. So I probably would do it again.


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