Connecticut history

Face the State Flashback: Income Tax Rally of ’91

Twenty-six years ago this fall an estimated 50,000 people turned out at the State Capitol to protest the state’s newly passed income tax.   Any way you look at it, this was an amazing turnout.

For this week’s Face the State flashback, we’ve pulled some vintage video out of the Channel 3 archives from October 5th, 1991 featuring Lowell Weicker,  John Larson, Tom Scott, John Rowland, Miles Rapaport, Jonathan Pelto, Brad Davis, and others.   There are also two women we cannot identify.  If you know who they are, let us know.

Tune in Sunday morning at 11 on WFSB.



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  1. I remember the income tax rally very well…but I really want to know where Ms McDowell gets her facts. Governor Malloy is WILDLY POPULAR……..????????


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