Ex-FBI Agent Clark Vows to Repeal Obama Health Care Plan

We’ve had plenty of candidates and politicians come through Face the State over the years, many of them lawmakers, lawyers or businesspeople, but this weekend’s guest has a unique job on his resume.  Republican Mike Clark is a former FBI agent.   One of his most interesting cases:  the investigation of John Rowland nearly 8 years ago. 

Clark is one of 8 or 9 candidates seeking the 5th congressional district seat, currently held by Chris Murphy.    During a taping of Face the State, the chairman of the Farmington town council explained why he believes his experience, including his years at the FBI, make him the best candidate.    Clark has been talking with former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, the last Republican to be elected in the 5th.    Clark feels the bad economy will have voters turning to the GOP.  He says his number one priority will be jobs.

With the former governor still popular in some circles in the state, I asked Clark if his role in bringing down Rowland has created any awkward situations among Republicans.   “Bygones be bygones,” Clark told me.   So what about appearing on Rowland’s radio program on the WTIC?    

You can see the complete interview this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.    And, yes, that is a seersucker suit I am wearing.  Hey, it’s Independence Day weekend!

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