What a Panel!

This weekend on Face the State, we are joined by four of my favorite journalists and columnists:  Rick Green of the Hartford Courant, Christine Stuart of ctnewsjunkie.com, Brian Lockhart of the Stamford Advocate, and Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer.

The five of us had a lively discussion about the legislative session, taxes, Governor Malloy, the UConn Health Center and much more.    It is a discussion every taxpayer should watch. 

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11, only on Channel 3.

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  1. Something that should be addressed in Malloy’s budget that which taxpayers do not realize is the State Earned Income Credit which is proposed to be $108m given out for the 2011 tax year and $111m for the 2012 tax year. I have attempted to contact the Governor numerous times as well as others in his cabinet. Gov. Malloy is not a person that responds to taxpayers concerns or questions. Although, his staff assistant responded weeks later as well as Wyman more than a few weeks later. Both of their responses indicate that Gov. Malloy nor Wyman know how a tax return is filed or how the EIC is distributed.

    I am a Federal employee and have first hand knowledge that the Federal EIC is given out to numerous taxpayer’s who are actually ineligible and by the time that person is audited. They have taken the money and disappeared. These filers file fraudulent tax returns and have not worked a day. Gov. Malloy does not seem to be concerned with this and based on his staffer’s response demonstrate that he supports fraudulent activities and increasing taxes in every manner when at the same time he is giving away millions in free money to those who may not be qualified or eligible to receive it. An IRS study and survey reported that 30% of the Federal EIC given out is based on a fraudulent filed tax return. This means that Gov. Malloy supports throwing away $30million of taxpayer money and then taxing them at the same time in every other way.

    Controls should be in place to distribute this type of credit and it should not be based on a tax return that has not been looked at in the first place. How can this stimulate people to take jobs when you do not have to actually work to recieve this credit? I am neither a democrat nor a republican, therfore these are purely facts and not a biased viewpoint. This is an unwarranted spending, where once again is a burden placed on the middle class who will be responsible to pay for it.


  2. The media is the propaganda arm of the crime family government elected by CT voters in a trance. CT has been destroyed by federal policies that protect privileged residents of CT involved in the Wall Street crimes that destroyed the entire banking system. I watch Dennis House pander to the criminal elected officials on his 11 AM show every Sunday morning.


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