GOP Candidate says Long Suffering Hartford needs Republicans

He’s back.  One of the more colorful figures in recent Hartford history may be on the ballot again this November.   Former city councilman Mike McGarry just might be the Republican candidate for mayor this fall. 

McGarry told me he is a “placeholder” right now, hoping another city Republican comes forward to run.    During a taping of Face the State set to air this Sunday, the West End businessman told it is important for the future of the city to have a bigger Republican presence in Hartford.   The city lost so many big employers and tax revenue during the Perez administration, and he believes potential investors will be attracted to Hartford if they see some GOP faces at City hall.  On Sunday, you’ll hear McGarry make his case and he explains why he believes the Working Families Party is bad for business.

Tune in this Sunday at 11 AM for Face the State.

By the way, the last Republican mayor in Hartford was Ann Uccello, who left office in 1971.   Democrats have controlled city government since then.

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