The Official Party to Kick Off the Summer

One of the most beautiful places to be in Connecticut is Bushnell Park at sunset and twilight in the month of June.   The historic buildings like the State Capitol and the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, along with your capital city skyline, just look spectacular as the official start of summer approaches.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) one of the best parties of the summer takes place to celebrate Bushnell Park:  Summer Solstice 2011.  It is a great way to spend a hump day while supporting the Bushnell Park Foundation, which works tirelessly to preserve, restore, and improve this gem.  

Check out the BPF’s website above, or grab a bunch of your co-workers or neighbors and buy your tickets at the door.   Actually, there is no door, but you know what I mean!  Just head over near the Corning Fountain and you’ll find the festivities.    See you there.

Trust me, the view from the top of the Arch is worth the price of admission.

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