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Capital Catwalk Raises Record $$ for Dress for Success Hartford

The proceeds are still being tallied but it looks as if this year’s Capital Catwalk at the Hartford Stage raised record money for Dress for Success Hartford!   Emceed by Channel 3’s Kara Sundlun, the charity fashion show featured some familiar faces from your favorite station, some local celebrities and a show stopping performance by meteorologist Scot Haney, Kara’s co-host on Better Connecticut.    Scot raised the bar for charity performances by appearing as Lady Gaga.  Hilarious.    The clothing was furnished by various local shops, along with the food. 

Eric Parker and Olessa Stepanova

Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts

Irene O’Connor

Melissa Dethlefsen

Erik and Ashley Szyluk

Mary Jones, Kara Sundlun, Howard and Karen Baldwin

Scot Haney

Debbie Wright

Hartford Colonials Cheerleaders

Brad Davis

Veronica Ortiz-Mariano, Jill Balcerzak, Tina Bilodeau, Stephanie Donlin

Doreen and Stephen Fishman

Joanne Gowdy, Therese Adams

Sylvia and Michael Guinan, Jennifer DiBella

Damon Scott, Al Terzi

Klarn DePalma, Eric Parker, Mark Dixon, Olessa Stepanova

Jennifer DeStefani, Steve Jewett, Duby McDowell

Kara Sundlun and the models

Tito Colon, Al Terzi

Laurie Canalas

Princess Kate and Prince William

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  1. I want to thank all of you for the success of this program. I just found out about this organization recently as I am in a job search situation and am working with CT Works to find a job and my advisor brought this to my attention for a first interview and trust me the job I need can’t get here soon enough and to know this program existed job made my day. So again I thank all of you for this great cause. You at channel 3 are the best. May you all be Blessed!!


  2. Throughout your blogs and columns your always championing CT and especially Hartford, more than I have ever seen any other journalist ever do for CT or for that matter any other state. That is why I find it very confusing that when I previously sent you an email about Ct real estate agents who enter Sellers’ home without their knowledge and consent (and the agents endanger the sellers’ lives thru their actions) and the Realators Assoc Pres who told me he/she knows this and will do nothing, you did nothing. This is an issue that has a major inpact on the CT housing market.

    Based on everything you write doesn’t this matter to you?; not only as a journalist but also as a CT homeowner?

    I hope you post a response to my post here in your blog. I’d like to know that since you talk the talk you also walk the walk. Based on everything we the public hear about journalist and our elected official in the media presently and in the past, I’d like to know that what is written under your name is real and not media releases. There is still honesty, integrity and truth in this world.

    I and others look foward to your posting and response to my reply.


  3. Dennis

    I am resending you my email at I originally sent it to you at this email (and Kara at in early 2008. I resent it to both of you at these emails again in Feb 2009; at the same time, I sent it to the whole WFSB Newsteam–I got back only an “Out of office” email reply from Al and an “On leave” email reply from Dana N.

    I and others look foward to your response to my email and my blog response above.



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