Zany Comics Share More than Good Sense of Humor

There is a about a half century difference in their ages, so this can’t be filed under “separated at birth,”  but Denise D’Ascenzo and I could’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance between the late comedienne Phyllis Diller and Channel 3’s Scot Haney.     They both have similar senses of humor and a distinctive,  infectious laugh, and Scot seemed unusually saddened by her passing last week.   Hmmm.

Long lost grandmother?  A crazy aunt? What do YOU think?

also read about these lookalikes: https://dennishouse.tv/2011/01/27/separated-at-birth/

and check out more of Scot as Lady Gaga https://dennishouse.tv/2011/06/06/capital-catwalk-raises-record-for-dress-for-success-hartford/

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