Don’t Expect to see Palin in Connecticut Anytime Soon

Wednesday’s stop in Cromwell by former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin might be her last in Connecticut for a while.   Palin’s bus entourage had plenty of opportunity to spend more time in our state during her inaugural visit, but chose to simply pause in Connecticut for the sole purpose of gassing up the bus.    They must have needed gas really badly, or had a driver unfamiliar with the area,  because no one fills up a bus with expensive Connecticut fuel unless absolutely necessary!

I know of only one clip of video of Palin in our state, and that is from Kiss 95.7 radio.  DJ Brady snagged the exclusive chat with the GOP star.


As for a return visit, I asked state Republican party chairman Sarah Palin about the possibility.   He told me he tried to get her to come here for an appearance, but she charges six figures for a speaking engagement.   Apparently, not in the budget.

If Palin decides to run for president, it is unlikely she would campaign here.    Our presidential primary is part of Super Tuesday, and my hunch is she would write the state off.    John McCain made a brief campaign appearance in  2008.    It is possible Palin would come to Greenwich (as all smart candidates do) to raise money. 

Chris Healy is our guest this Sunday on Face the State talking about his legacy, and Republican chances in the municipal elections this fall and the senate and congressional races in ’12.

See also:  http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/palin-bus-tour-stops-in-cromwell/

above photo courtesy: Jay Polke

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  1. Who needs a stuck up politcian who charges six figures to speak in our state anyway? Dosen’t she make enough money for shooting off her mouth on T.V.? I think the country should pay her to shut up and go away. The last thing this country needs is her hateful, gun toting retoric being broadcast anyway. She has got to be the most nasty politician I have ever had the misfortune to hear speak. I hope she just goes back to Alaska and stay there amongst the other frozen assets of her state.


  2. Dennis, Palin also called in to WTIC. Audio here:


    And Jim Rice, I guess you don’t want stuck-up 6-figure politicians like Bill Clinton, Rudy Guliani, Colin Powell, Al Gore, fill-in-the-blank … to come to CT and make speeches.

    Palin is repped by the Washington Speakers Bureau as are all or most of the above … along with hundreds of others. No, they don’t all charge top dollar … but most of them do.

    And I bet some of the ones you’d pay to see are some of them.

    Why the double standard?

    Are only the politicians you prefer allowed to make money from speeches?


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