Palin Bus Tour Stops in Cromwell

The Sarah Palin bus tour came through Connecticut today, but didn’t attract much media attention.  Why? At the same time Palin was making her inaugural visit to our state,  a tornado was pummelling Springfield, and most reporters were covering that story.  

The Palin bus traveled up I-95 from Greenwich and then in New Haven , the caravan headed north on I-91.   According to Nico Hines of the London Times, they ran into  traffic along the Gold Coast.   The only stop in Connecticut was in Cromwell, where the bus gassed up at the Sunoco station on Berlin Road.   According to the clerk there, the former vice-presidential candidate got off the bus and happily posed for pictures and shook hands.  “Tony”  from Wethersfield was getting gas when he spotted the commotion.  “She was very friendly,” he told me and he had someone snap a quick picture of the two of them.   

Palin never went into the store, but her daughter did and bought some gum.   The entourage was only in Cromwell briefly, and then it was back on I-91 to I-84 and on to Massachusetts.  

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  1. Dennis,

    At least she bided her time deciding not to ‘steal the show’ wih the impending Springfield disaster photo-ops. I commend her for that. Npt a political day.. sad there will be many more before November 2012.

    Prayers for the losses in Springfield -could havebeen much worse..

    Southington CT


  2. I understand she was really impressed with how clean the restroom was. The manager of that Sunoco must be beaming with pride knowing that Sarah planted her keister in his establishment


      • what is wrong with you jj? I have lived in this town for over 30 years and who the hell cares that ANY politician makes a stop here for gas? Just don’t diss our people nor own town!


      • Nothing is wrong with me, I LOVE Cromwell! I do NOT like dirty politics and name calling. I was simply saying that if someone calls you or your friend an idiot, you need to come up with a better response than calling them an idiot back. Wasn’t trying to be nasty. Sorry. Cromwell is my town too. Would NEVER diss it or it’s people. It’s the schmucks saying things like they will no longer support a local business (gas station) because a politician they don’t share opinions with happened to go there. When people say things like that, it makes them look really small and petty. And then I get mad. LOL.


      • OK jj – I apologize. I usually do not call people names – but some people just infuriate me to no end! Cromwell is a pretty cool town – high taxes though (what town doesn’t have high taxes?).
        Glad to hear you’re from my town!


      • I’m the same way. But when I see someone acting like a bully, I like to (anonymously) voice my opinions LOL. I didn’t think you said anything bad at all. I agreed with your other post 100%. And Cromwell IS a great little town. Great schools, nice people. I don’t want to see it get slammed.


  3. On Memorial Day, Sarah Palin promotes a patriotic tour of historical places and honors our history, etc.

    Obama plays his 70th round of golf.

    The differences are quite clear.

    Sharon reminds me of why Connecticut is a failing state and will continue to fail.


    • Perfectly written Eve, sad that some have their priorities all screwed up.

      She is a beautiful woman, with beautiful ideas of what America could be once again. So sad that we have the government that we have today.


  4. Sharon, I agree, that Sunoco station is now off limits for me as well. I am glad her visit was short, we have enough problems to deal with here in CT, we don’t need any more. Move along, move along.


    • I agree with Joe in that we have enough problems in CT. Let me list some of them – 6.35% sales tax, higher withholding taxes, high unemployment, higher business taxes, a new government subsidy called the Earned Income Credit,a Democrat as governor, a Democrat legislature, early release of people in prison, etc. There is not enough space to list all the problems we have. But Joe, I have a question – how many of the problems I listed above were caused by Sarah? Why do you fear her? My last question – How’s that Hope and Change working for you?


  5. Yeah Sharon, stay out of Cromwell we don’t want your idiot libral ideas in our working class town. Palin is welcome..Sharon is not!!


    • Bill, do you question the kind of home life the Obama children are having? Or perhaps the children of your favorite movie stars or musicians? Sarah Palin is doing a tour, it’s part of her job description. I’m not exactly a fan of hers, but boycotting the Sunoco station and saying such ridiculous comments really makes you all sound like a couple of low class children.


    • They are with their familes. Those kids wil be smarter and self suffient than you can ever know.

      Most people(maybe you also) are in their parents basement collecting a govt check.

      God Bless Sarah and family


  6. Bill is a idot, I think Sarah provides the kind of home life many people dream about. I hope she runs for President, I will vote for her again.


  7. We are there so many haters out there? I am a democrat, but that doesn’t mean I have to be disrespectful…some of you are embarrassing. Good luck to Palin. This country is built on differing opinions.


    • I agree…., just because someone doesn’t like Sarah Palin, it means they are NOT a conservative???? I beg to differ, and apparently so do alot of well respected, and well known conservatives!!


  8. Can’t believe all the negativity! Cromwell is a great little town and who cares if a politician made a stop here? It was just a quick stop people. What is wrong with all of you?


    • It’s pretty much people getting their panties in a bunch. Liberals/Conservatives…who cares. Put your hate aside, this country is not based on a Prom King/Queen vote mentality. We all SHOULD want the same things in life, we just have different opinions on how it should be done.


  9. I would have rather been lancing a boil.It would be much more enjoyable than listening to that idiot.


  10. Well boys and girls, she DID quit on Alaska, because of the “harsh” treatment from the media on her family., not for her own personal gain, right??? Nooooooooooo…. If she’s being honest, why would I vote her in as President if she can’t take “the heat” from the media as governor, does she think it will get ANY EASIER as president? I would think it will be MUCH more harsh dealing with the media then, which of course, would make her quit… for her family….right??? rriiiiiiiiggghhhhttttt????? Sorry, it IS possible to be conservative and NOT like Sarah Palin. No need to insult people.


    • Wow, are you misinformed or what?

      She did not resign because of the media. She resigned because of the 25+ ethics complaints that were serially filed in the space of the 8 months between the end of the 2008 campaign and July 2009.

      BTW, she was cleared of all of them. But it cost the state $2 million to that point to investigate.

      And it cost her family over half a million dollars.

      BTW, in Alaska the gov’t doesn’t pay for the legal bills of public officials – as it does in most states and, in fact, on the national level.

      Oh, and Obama’s chief of staff at the time?

      Rahm Emmanuel.

      And guess who was VERY involved in the 80+ ethics complaints filed against Newt Gingerich when he was Speaker of the House back in the 90s?

      You got it!

      Freshmen Representative Rahm Emmanuel.

      Chicago politics alive and well!


      And look up another big Obama man: Pete Rouse. Interim chief of staff after Rahm left. Obama campaign manager. With big Alaska ties.

      Including to former AK Senator, Kim Elton.

      Leader of the “troopergate” nothingburger scandal. Who was rewarded with a job in the Interior Dept by Obama/Rouse.


      Do some research before you spread lies.

      But I agree on your insults comment.

      Let’s not insult.

      Let’s use facts.


      • Typical extremist… This is NOT a discussion about Obama and his “associates” or any other dems for that matter…But typical of you to have to find fault with democrats as an answer to republican screw ups!!! There are bad individuals on BOTH SIDES!!!! I will NOT disagree with what you have said they have done or are doing, some of them are wasteful, and they are liars and SHOULD be held acccountable… However, it came from HER OWN MOUTH that the media heat was just “too much” and too harsh on her family… and quite frankly, some of them WERE harsh, but face it…. quitting is NOT gonna help this woman… You don’t QUIT on your state or YOUR PEOPLE…. PERIOD! I would have had more respect for her if she was just honest and said,, look people., the book deal and reality show are looking pretty attractive right now… And do NOT accuse me of spreading lies… I go by what I hear… If you can’t take it that I do not like Sarah Palin, TOO BAD!!!! DEAL! ~


  11. Realist, please stop posting misinformation.

    I don’t care that you don’t like Sarah Palin.

    I do care that you’re spreading lies about her.

    BTW, omission of facts is a lie just as much as making things up.

    Fact: Palin didn’t say the media was the reason she resigned. The ethics complaints and hyperpartisan political atmosphere made it impossible for her to get things done.

    Fact: Palin accomplished every one of her campaign promises in the time she was governor. She was trying to move on to accomplish other things, but couldn’t.

    Fact: If the state spent $2 million in 6 months to investigate the ethics complaints, then if she’d stayed the last 18 months, it could potentially have cost the state $8 million. Palin did not want to do that to her state.

    Fact: Between the time she announced her resignation July 3 to the day she stepped down July 26, 3 weeks later, 3 more ethics complaints were filed. Some by the same serial filers.

    Fact: Palin left her state in the hands of reliable conservative, Sean Parnell, who just won reelection handily.

    Fact: Palin put $5 billion into the state savings account, which grew to $8 billion by the time she left, and now stands at $12 billion.

    You can not like Sarah Palin all you want; but lying about her is reprehensible.

    You disagree with her politics, fine.

    That is not a reason to malign her falsely.


    • Ummm., okay, you’re right…. She’s a complete victim. No need to read between the lines when it comes to her “reasoning”. The people who dislike her, do so for absolutely NO reason., and they purposely just want to spread lies.. She might be the ONLY honest hardworking politician out there., who is sincerely trying to do the right thing…. She made absolutely NO mention of the media’s harsh treatment of her family, especially what some said about her special needs child (which by the way was horrible). No, I’m simply making all this up.., because I’m so incredibly misinformed. Okay, I’ll try really hard to take it easy on Miss Sarah – Bear slaying-Emmissions sniffing – selfless acting – Palin…. Really, I’ll try. ~ and no I didn’t ACTUALLY see her on tv expressing how she LOVES the smell of emmissions… I’m making THAT up too… Everyone’s making it all up! Ya know?, she just might be the biggest “victim” of our time!!!


      • Who’s the extremist?

        I see an awful lot of shouting going on in your comments.

        You still do not reference any of the facts in my comments.

        You still cling bitterly to your talking point that “Palin quit because of the big bad media.”

        It is clear that you are not interested in back and forth dialogue.

        You have your point and you’re sticking to it. In the face of all facts to the contrary.

        It does make me wonder why you came to a post about Palin in the first place?

        Isn’t there someone you approve of to which you can haunt web stories about them and talk them up?

        It seems odd to visit a story about a person you know you hate?

        Why not just pass on by the story?


  12. Palin is the only candidate fully vetted by the Obama “Truth Squad”. She could win it, with a great VP pick. Say, someone like DeMint. She also drives the insane Left totally crazy, which means she’s doing something right. Wish she would stop in Hartford!


  13. Clearly we can all see that just by Sarah passing through Connecticut has disrupted lives… Personally I say give EVERYONE respect…If you disagree with them…Is this a sure fire place to call names? Jesus disagreed with the Pharasees… Just imagine if He got into name calling…We’d ALL be screwed


  14. Sarah does nothing more than stir the political pot with half-truths and ignorance. She and the tea party, in the opinion of most Americans, are attempting to start a revolution which will completely destroy this great country. Sarah is nothing more than a money grabbing big mouth that has no credibility in anything that she says. When she speaks it is: bla bla bla and more bla bla bla


  15. Sarah has the right to do what she wants. I think her goal is to steer the Republican party to select a tea party candidate
    She’s not going to run she is making way to much money as is the rest of her family She wants some control over the party and who they nominate for president She is very popular with the conservatives


  16. I’m so sorry I missed Sarah Palin. She is finally someone I can admire with all my heart. If you really know what she has accomplished you can’t help but admire her! Unfortunately many people, especially women, discount her and put her down because she is Pro-Life and a woman of Faith. Even NOW doesn’t support her. What a crock. NOW should represent all women who work hard and are successful, not only the ones who support their left wing, liberal ideology. Women are diverse and I’m tired of people putting down those women with conservative views. We finally have a spokeswoman who is being heard by the country. Go Sarah!


  17. I do not like Sarha Palin’s personality. She rubs me the wrong way. However her policies would be better for the country than liberal policies. And her policies would be better for liberty in America. So I could vote for her even though I don’t like her personality much. What I like is liberty.


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