Kinda Wish I’d Been Banned from the Prom

Looking back on it, if I’d been banned from my prom like James Tate of Shelton High, I wouldn’t have to wince at old pictures like this: 

Hey, mullets were in back in the 1980s.    Not sure about those ruffled blue shirts.    This paparazzi shot was taken in my parents’ driveway.   The semi-formal dances were much less complicated.

Just kidding.  Going to the prom was a blast.

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  1. i really wouldnt have wanted to be banned. those were memories, some happy some sad, however ever now and then i catch myself reflecting back on those years and smile, ive been out of school for ten years now and although my date to my prom wasnt all that great, being there was magical and i really think about my classmates alot, i wonder where they all are today


  2. A comment on White Tuxes… never, ever, ever wear one. Even if they’re in vogue. Because they just aren’t cool in the long run. Seriously – they will never stand up to time and you will always look kinda geekish in those old pics. Sorry Dennis…


  3. Excuse me this head of the school……needs unbuttom her tight collar blouse…..It was put up wilh cardboard…not spray paint……I wonder if it was her son would the turn out be different……maybe someone needs to ask her this question……cardboard…..that will wash off in the rain…..be real…it wasn’t a distructive prank……it was very cute something he will tell his grandchildren……lighten up LADY…..


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