Democratic Candidate: State Rep. Roldan Not Fit to be Hartford Mayor


There is more fallout from State Representative Kelvin Roldan’s appearance on “Face the State” last month.    During a taping of this Sunday’s edition, Roldan’s fellow Democrat and mayoral candidate Stan McCauley said Roldan is “unfit” to be mayor of Hartford, in part because of his first extended television interview.   

“He was less than truthful and you have to have honesty and integrity if you want to serve at the will of the people in that office.   Coming out of the previous adminsitration and an inability to mention one thing wrong I found extremely troubling, and that disqualifies him to serve.”

Roldan has not yet announced his decision on whether to run for mayor.    McCauley was the 2007 Republican nominee in the race for mayor, but this year is running as a Democrat.   He talks about the switch, why he believes Mayor Segarra should be replaced, along with other key officials.   You can watch the entire interview this Sunday morning at 11AM on Face the State.

For those not familiar with Roldan’s interview, here it is: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/roldan-defends-perez-blames-segarra-and-rell/

You can also find some reviews of the interview on Kevin Rennie’s www.dailyructions

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  1. Sorry but Mccauley is a bad choice. For him to flip flop from one party to another in hopes of getting elected shows that he cannot make up his mind. Lets face it Hartford is a Democrat city. And this guys idea of cleaning up the streets is standing at city hall with a broom in his hands. No one on city council is fit for the job, Hartford doesnt need another lawyer oh wait my bad a professional liar or someone in the corp world. What they need is a simple man or woman who is willing to listen to people and make the city better rather than make only their corp sponsor or the heavy donators better.


  2. To the person above, the broom sweeping announcement at the front of city hall on November of 2009 was a form of symbolism, symbolic of the sweeping changes he would make if he were elected. I think Stan would be a great mayor for Hartford, for he is not a political insider, has a good plan for bringing urban friendly industry as part of his economic agenda and understands the community well.


  3. I was recently on Face the State on channel 3 with Dennis House. I got a call from a friend of mine who said that I should not to use the word “stupidity” in describing Hartford Municipal Government or to be more exact, those serving in leadership rolls within Hartford Municipal Government. Below is something I thought would be interesting when you conceder the power that “Stupid People as a Group” have and what happens when they assume positions of power.


    The Fundamental Laws of Human Stupidity, explores the controversial subject of stupidity. Stupid people are seen as a group, more powerful by far than major organizations such as the Mafia and the industrial complex, which without regulations, leaders or manifesto nonetheless manages to operate to great effect and with incredible coordination. Here are Cipolla’s five fundamental laws of stupidity:
    Always and inevitably each of us underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.
    The probability that a given person is stupid is independent of any other characteristic possessed by that person.
    A person is stupid if they cause damage to another person or group of people without experiencing personal gain, or even worse causing damage to themselves in the process.
    Non-stupid people always underestimate the harmful potential of stupid people; they constantly forget that at any time anywhere, and in any circumstance, dealing with or associating themselves with stupid individuals invariably constitutes a costly error.
    A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person there is.
    Now to be fair in describing Hartford Municipal Government maybe it is not stupidity maybe it is a conscious collaboration in sabotage.


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