Evasive Roldan Defends Perez, Blames Segarra, Rell and Lamont

A new name was thrust into the race for mayor of Hartford this week:  Kelvin Roldan.   The state representative was all over the television news talking about a report by the  Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender about allegations that Mayor Pedro Segarra failed to disclose financial information about his spouse.   That article is here:  http://articles.courant.com/2011-04-10/news/hc-lender-column-segarra-0410-20110410_1_rent-subsidies-rent-subsidy-payments-hartford-mayor-pedro-segarra

Roldan, a protege of disgraced former mayor Eddie Perez, is considering challenging Segarra for mayor.   Roldan’s close relationship with a convicted felon is raising eyebrows in the city and beyond, and many are concerned a Roldan mayoralty would be a redux of the Perez administration.  The Daily Ructions’ Kevin Rennie is already calling it the “Roldan-Perez restoration.” http://www.dailyructions.com/roldan-perez-restoration-campaign-squeezing-lobbyists-and-city-contractors/   

Roldan appeared on Face the State Sunday, and we talked about the allegations about Segarra, his relationship with Perez, and where his mentor went wrong.   As you’ll see on the link below, Roldan seemed to avoid some of the questions about Perez and his own campaign plans, but didn’t hold back on criticisms of Segarra, even former Governor Rell. 


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  1. Dennis, I wanted to wait and see what Roldan had to say before commenting.

    After having watched Roldan carefully – his remarks, body language and overall demeanor – it’s clear to me that Roldan represents the worst in politics. He was pompous, dismissive, dishonest, devoid of anything meaningful to say and blamed his narrow election victory last year on Ned Lamont (?!).

    Roldan, please stay in the legislature, where you’re one of many…that way you can continue to feed your ego and, thankfully for all of us, do less damage.


  2. He can DEFINITLY do MORE damage at the legislature than as Mayor. But I hope he does run. Then his district will see him for who he isn’t then replace him.

    He’s a fool with an agenda.


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