For Sale: Eddie Perez Home at Center of Corruption Probe

The home in Hartford’s West End that was a key piece of evidence in the City Hall corruption scandal is on the market for $375,000.   The wife of former mayor Eddie Perez is selling the couple’s home, according to a listing on remax.com   http://www.remax.com/property/89336023-60380951/59-Bloomfield-Ave-Hartford-CT-06105/

City records show in July Maria Perez took sole ownership of the home from her husband, weeks after he was found guilty of corruption and resigned.  

The house on Bloomfield Avenue was scrutinized by prosecutors because of renovations done there by city contractor Carlos Costa.    Improvements were made to the kitchen and master bathroom.  Perez was accused of having the work done, and not paying for the rehab until investigators started poking around.

The house has an interesting political history.    The late Senator and Governor Abe Ribicoff also lived at 59 Bloomfield Avenue, in fact it was there that in 1954 he  learned he had been elected governor.

This is from the retired VP of News at WFSB, Dick Ahles who interviewed Ribicoff:

On election night in 1954, Governor Lodge took an early lead and by 9 o’clock, The Hartford Times had Lodge carrying the state by 5,000 votes.  Ribicoff and his family and key supporters like John Bailey were awaiting the results at 59. Ribicoff figured it was over but Bailey told him it was too early to concede.   Here’s Ribicoff:
“My cellar recreation room was filled with newspapermen, radiomen, television men and Rudy Frank, who was working for WELI of New Haven on the radio, came running up and said, ‘Don’t concede!  Don’t concede!’ They had been doing their own tally independently.  He said, ‘Our tally shows you winning, not losing.’  So we didn’t concede.  In the meantime, it was pouring, the governor’s mansion, the champagne, the orchestra was plaing, the champagne was being imbibed and the big celebration going on in 990 Prospect Avenue because they felt they had won.  What had really taken place was the Hartford Times, in adding up the results, left out the city of Bridgeport.  Bridgeport had given me a majority of 8000 votes but byleaving out Bridgeport, Lodge had won it by 5000 votes instead of my winning by 3000 votes. As soon as this became definite, everything changed.  The crowd started to pour into 59 Bloomfield Avenue.  The state police commissioner and the state troopers left 990 Prospect Avenueand came to 59 Bloomfield Avenue.  The people started pouring into the house and all the sadness gave way to joy.”

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  1. This was a small thing; there are much larger fish to prosecute.

    Take for instance the over $1.0M worth of vehicles that have passed thru the contractor’s lot at 522 Salmon Brook St. in Granby, CT. Maybe the recipients of these should be looked in to as the contractor has been staying busy.


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