Hillary Clinton Urged to Help Zachs Extradition

The Connecticut congressional delegation is urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help with the extradition of convicted murderer Adam Zachs.      In a letter to Clinton,  the delegation seeks state department assistance in returning Zachs to Connecticut “as swiftly as possible.”

This Saturday will mark two months since Zachs was captured in Mexico, where he was living under the alias Ruben Fridman.   He fled the state in 1989 after being convicted of murdering Peter Carone, outside a bar in West Hartford. 

The state’s attorney’s office and West Hartford police have submitted the extradition paperwork to authorities in Mexico City, but it is anyone’s guess how long it will take to bring Zachs back.   He is being held in a prison in  Mexico City and Eyewitness News has been told a U.S. federal marshal is there to keep an eye on him. 

also read:  http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/feds-capture-elusive-killer-adam-zachs-on-run-since-1989/



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  1. Maybe we should let him rot in a Mexican jail. I hope his family has charges filed against them as well. I wonder how many Kasden Fuel customers know they were behind hiding him all these years?


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