Gas Hits $4 a Gallon

I had a moment of insanity yesterday when I filled up on the Merritt Parkway (the Merritt has notoriously high gas prices) as  Kara, the kids and I headed to a birthday party in Greenwich.     Gas was $3.99 a gallon!    This was a bargain compared to some other nearby stations.  The Gulf station on Round Hill Road in Greenwich is selling regular gas for $4.10 a gallon.

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  1. Dennis, you & family were unfortunately headed in the wrong direction when it comes to gas prices. Just heard on a.m. radio how gas prices have actually dropped (a whopping penny)
    in MA. Average is now $3.46. There are some stations in Chicopee area still in $3.39s. Everyone knows “everything” in
    Greenwich area is out of touch with the rest of CT. Perhaps that section of state should be “traded” to NY since they have far more in common with Empire State?


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