Senate President: $2B in State Worker Concessions will Happen

One of the key parts of Governor Malloy’s budget proposal calls for $2,000,000,000 in concessions from state workers.   Some union workers have said it will never happen.   Economist Fred Carstensen doubts it also, telling the Stamford Advocate’s Brian Lockhart there is no strategy to get it done.   However, during a taping of “Face the State,” Senate President Don Williams said it will get done.    Republican State Representative Themis Klarides was far less optimistic, arguing while the concessions should go through, she doesn’t think Democrats will let it happen.

Klarides and Williams also debated taxes, cuts, jobs, energy, tolls, and Sunday liquor store openings.

Tune in this Sunday at 11Am for Face the State.

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  1. This is a supreme joke. This will be exacly like Rell and the Unions in 2009. The unions said they gave up $1.0 billion,Rell said $.7 billion when the actual was only $.2 billion. Can anyone consider not funding the pension plan a cost savings? Also early retirements save nothing and in fact over the long run they cost more. The only thing will be cost advoidance not true cost savings.As I said if you are losing money and put in a wage freeze you are still losing money.


  2. Dennis:
    I believe your show would be much more respected and watched if you made your guest actually answer the questions you ask. One of your guest this morning continually gave you “nice fluffy answers” that did not answer the question posed …and you moved on.

    Do us the viewer a favor, your questions are great, make them answer them.


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