Finance Committee Leaders say Malloy Won’t Get Everything he Wants


Senators Roraback and Daily moments before the taping with WFSB Audio Engineer Dario Muneton and Face the State Technical Producer Adam Brooks

Taxes will be going up.  That’s the word from two members of the legislature’s finance committee, State Senators Andrew Roraback and Eileen Daily.   The two were in for a taping of Face the State, and both seemed grim about the budget that will hopefully be agreed upon by the end of the legislative session.

Democrat Daily said no one likes paying more taxes, but feels there isn’t another way to solve the budget crisis.  Republican Roraback feels there should be more cuts and fewer taxes, but conceded his party can do little to stop what the Democrats want to do.   

However, both were adamant that Governor Malloy will not get whatever he wants and Roraback believes voters will be so angry with the budget, they’ll turn to Republicans in 2012.

One moment in the show that is getting quite a bit of attention is when Senator Daily called the Governor’s tax plan a “scheme.”      Did she misspeak, or was it a Freudian slip?  You decide.    


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  1. dennis, never heard a question asked or the guest talk about judicial or the legislation giving back.are they off limits. executive branch and state workers seem to be taking the hit with state workers getting hit the most. i watch your show every week, will be waiting to see your next interview maybe will get some answers.


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