Borges Being Urged to Enter Senate Race

Democrats wanting another candidate to choose from in the senate race besides Susan Bysiewicz and Chris Murphy could get their wish.   Former State Treasurer Frank Borges told me today he is still being encouraged to run for the senate, and he is listening very seriously to these requests.    

Ever since the Daily Ructions’ Kevin Rennie broke the story in January of a possible Borges candidacy,   the 59 year old  Democrat has received a steady stream of callers looking to join his team.       Borges also told me he has no deadline or time frame for a decision.   The Democrats’ state convention is still 14 months away and the primary not until August 2012 and he feels he has plenty of time. 

If Borges runs and wins the nomination, he would make Connecticut history by being the first black Democratic Senate nominee.    Borges is now the President and CEO of a very successful investment firm in suburban Hartford, Landmark Partners of Simsbury.

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  1. I know this man, and he is a class act: I would be proud to have him represent me in the U.S. Senate. I’m not a member of his party, but I respect his intelligence and his character.


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